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About us

LAST SHOES is the exclusive distributor of CNES shoemaker that was established in 1994. Since then CNES has become one of the biggest players in the bespoke shoemaking industry in Vietnam. All pairs of shoes are finely handcrafted by a group of 150 artisans who make 200 pairs of handmade shoes each day. For over 20 years of making shoes, CNES has established itself as one of the most trusted shoemakers to more than 30 different high-end shoe brands all over the world.

Our Product

CNES shoes are made of French calfskin leather with the excellent quality from HERMÈS

Tanneries Du Puy has been making leather since 18th century and it has been well known for its premium calfskin leather. Being the key supplier to many of the luxury brands, the box calf from Tanneries Du Puy is well known for its pliable feel and beautiful finish. The leather patina of CNES shoes holds the beauty in ageing, which provides a character, a personality to the product.

CNES is the biggest trading partner of HERMÈS (D’Annonay Tannerie) in the region of South East Asia.